who know's the story

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Greetings I ,

who might know the full story of a duke or some royal blood of England/Britian that returned a staff or rod to his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I ???

amazing story / lore

I'm interested to hear what ya know
to gather some understandings.

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    Fri, August 25, 2006 - 2:28 AM
    In 1930 the Duke of Gloucester undertook one of the most interesting duties he had been called upon to execute up to this date. The occasion was the Coronation of His Majesty Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords the conquering Lion of Judah, the Elect of God and the Light of the world.

    The Duke was to represent his father The Anglo-Saxon King. The Duke handed to His Majesty Rastafari the King of Kings and Lord of lords a Scepter of solid gold twenty seven inches long, which had been taken from the hands of Ethiopia some thousand years ago.

    The Duke fell down on bending knees before His Majesty Ras Tafari the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and spoke in a loud voice and said, "Master, Master my father has sent me to represent him Sir. He is unable to come and he said that he will serve you to the end Master." See Psalm 72: 9 to 11 verses, also see Gen. 49 chap. 10 verse.

    On one side of the Scepter was inscribed Ethiopia shall make her hands reach unto God, and on the other side the King of Kings of Ethiopia, the top of the shaft was finished with a seal and above was a clen cross in which a single carbuncle was set.

    The Scepter was a magnificent piece of workmanship and had been designed from an historic piece in which the special ceremonies of His Royal Highness of Ethiopia, Earth's Rightful Ruler.

    The Duke also handed to Queen Omega the Empress of Ethiopia a Scepter of gold and ivory. The shaft is in the form of a spray of lilies and at the top a spray of lilies in bloom.

    Dating from 1661, (with later additions), the Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross signify the Sovereign's temporal power. Held in the left hand during coronation, the sceptre is 36.5 inches long, and mainly consists of gold, decorated with enamel and almost 400 precious stones, including the Cullinan I diamond (Star of Africa). It is just over 530 carats!

    This royal scepter is made of wood with a sheet of gold beaten to it. On the side of the blade there is an inscription reading "The good god, the beloved, dazzling of face like the Aton when it shines, the son of Amun, Nebkheperura, living for ever." Above the inscription is a frieze of lotus petals, and on the other side of the blade are rows of trussed and slaughtered bulls."

    "The Scepter (Shevet) shall not pass from Judah nor a Lawgiver (Mecho'keck) from between his feet, until Shiloh (He to whom it belongs) comes, to Whom the nations shall render obedience." Genesis 49:10
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      Fri, August 25, 2006 - 9:39 PM
      thank you kindly,

      when I heard the story recently it sounded as if the duke was very appologetic of his anglo-saxon king.

      it sparked an interest in me.
      I'd like to hear more about that day.


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